Antonia Wills Saddles

Having competed up to 4 star level in eventing and being a BE Accredited Trainer, when it comes to saddlery, Antonia, who is qualified and registered with the Society of Master Saddlers understands the needs of the modern competitions horse and rider. Antonia works with all the top brands and comes highly recommended by the team – indeed, she has known Jonny since he was a child. She holds a bi-monthly jumping and saddle fitting clinic at Collective Equestrian. Contact Antonia or the team for more details.

British Dressage

The go to website for all dressage enthusiasts.

Fairfax & Favour

In less than a decade, Fairfax & Favor has grown into a multi-award-winning brand at the very forefront of British Luxury Fashion. We design with both town and country in mind, creating timeless investments for anyone with a passion for style and adventure. Fairfax & Favor is a lifestyle.

Fox Red Media

Fox Red Media have brought together the very best in the industry and offer a wealth of experience in PR, Marketing, design and video production, amongst other skills. Visit their website for more information.


Situated near Bristol, HorseWorld is one of the UK’s largest horse rescue charities. The team at Collective Equestrian have elected to support this charity due not only to the obvious equine and geographical connection but also due to the fact that there remain countless horses who suffer from neglect around the country. Each year, Collective Equestrian will make a contribution of 5% of profits to the centre. As well as this, they will dedicate proceeds from some of their events to the charity.

Katherine Allard Vet Physio

Katherine Allard, a veterinary physiotherapist, is in regular demand from the team at Collective Equestrian to ensure that all of the horses feel at their best. Whether this is part of an ongoing programme to support their training or to troubleshoot an issue that we feel is causing a training problem.


Robert and his wife Lisa started Horse Health in 2003, selling supplements from a van, and continued to grow the business until they launched the LeMieux brand in 2009 when they identified a need for quality lambskin saddle pads and set about making their own range. “We really wanted to make equipment that was innovative, well-made but above all, affordable.” This is the philosophy they still pursue today.

Mount St. John

Mount St John stud is a private estate set in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside in England. Specialising in breeding dressage horses of the highest standard and are currently breeding with around thirty quality dressage mares per season. This includes a high proportion of embryo transfer from elite sport mares currently competing. They also have several competition horses in training with elite dressage riders.


A leading PR, Marketing and athlete management agency, with an appetite to deliver results and do things differently.

Stables Equine Practice

The practice was founded by Nicko Robertson in 1997 and has provided high quality care to professionals and amateurs alike since. The team at Collective Equestrian recommend them highly.

WOW Saddles

WOW™ is also totally new way of owning a saddle. For the first time one can buy a traditional looking saddle and by buying different components, alter all of its characteristics to suit different horses, riders and disciplines.
WOW is the worlds first modular saddle. The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts and you can include our revolutionary FLAIR and KORRECTOR systems. When they are combined they make a saddle whose performance for the horse and the rider is unbeatable!