Dodson & Horrell

Dodson & Horrell, Europe’s number one horse feed manufacturer has been creating quality and effective formulas for almost 80 years. Based in  Northamptonshire, D&H has been in the same family from conception and has grown into a trusted authority in equine nutrition. Leading veterinarian nutritionists ensure their revolutionary NOPS validated formulas give the horses the right nutrients they need to look, feel and perform at their best. Collective Equestrian are supported by Chloe Dix, Thoroughbred and Performance Horse Nutritionist, to provide expert advice and bespoke feeding plans for all the horses at Collective Equestrian. For all equine or canine nutrition advice, call the only experts you will ever need on 0845 345 2627 or visit their website for more information.


Baleno Fit for purpose clothing is a term that is loosely bandied about by many brands but in the case of Baleno, the claim is 100% accurate. With a heritage spanning over 40 years and backed by a parent company renowned for its expertise in developing protective clothing for professionals operating in the most challenging environments, the Baleno range combines totally on trend stylish design with superior technical performance, proven durability and outstanding quality. Visit the website to find your nearest stockist

Antonia Wills Saddles

Having competed up to 4 star level in eventing and being a BE Accredited Trainer, when it comes to saddlery, Antonia, who is qualified and registered with the Society of Master Saddlers understands the needs of the modern competitions horse and rider. Antonia works with all the top brands and comes highly recommended by the team – indeed, she has known Jonny since he was a child. She holds a bi-monthly jumping and saddle fitting clinic at Collective Equestrian. Contact Antonia or the team for more details.


Amerigo provides a complete range of top class saddles for all disciplines that are customised to fit very precisely to both horse and rider by using their special measurement system. They combine functionality and precision as well as the highest quality materials and meticulous workmanship. Made in a state of the art facility in Italy all the products are made in top quality Italian leather by highly trained craftsmen using some of the most advanced technology in the world. Alex Harrison is proud to work with Amerigo via Zebra Products. Visit the website to find your nearest stockist

Woof Wear

For nearly thirty years now Woof Wear has been on the forefront of equestrian protection and their products are being valued equally by leisure riders, professionals and even the Police Forces across the UK. For more information on their products simply visit their website.

Tylers Clothing

Tylers Clothing are leading providers of personalised clothing and embroidery. With over 20 years experience, Tylers' service is second to none. As well as supplying a large number of schools, sports clubs and workplaces, they provide high quality horse and country clothing and accessories. Visit their website to view their products and to order.

Equestrian Pro TV

Equestrian Pro TV bring the world of dressage to your fingertips. They work with a huge array of dressage riders from all over the country and have created unique videos especially for you to view in stunning High Definition. The service is unlike anything else, you can get to know the riders as they talk one-on-one in exclusive Interview sections. Also asking them questions relating to dressage but also their personal life in and around the sport.

Katherine Allard Vet Physio

Katherine Allard, a veterinary physiotherapist, is in regular demand from the team at Collective Equestrian to ensure that all of the horses feel at their best. Whether this is part of an ongoing programme to support their training or to troubleshoot an issue that we feel is causing a training problem.

Stables Equine Practice

The practice was founded by Nicko Robertson in 1997 and has provided high quality care to professionals and amateurs alike since. The team at Collective Equestrian recommend them highly.

Fox Red Media

Fox Red Media have brought together the very best in the industry and offer a wealth of experience in PR, Marketing, design and video production, amongst other skills. Visit their website for more information.

Mendip Plains Equestrian Centre

Mendip Plains Equestrian Centre is run by the Green Family who have been farming on the Waldegrave Estate in Chewton Mendip and Ston Easton for over 80 years. Their aim is to provide a friendly facility for all ages and abilities of equestrian. Whether you are riding as a hobby or training a top competition horse the team at Mendip Plains will assist in any way possible. Visit their website to learn more.

British Dressage

The go to website for all dressage enthusiasts.


Situated near Bristol, HorseWorld is one of the UK’s largest horse rescue charities. The team at Collective Equestrian have elected to support this charity due not only to the obvious equine and geographical connection but also due to the fact that there remain countless horses who suffer from neglect around the country. Each year, Collective Equestrian will make a contribution of 5% of profits to the centre. As well as this, they will dedicate proceeds from some of their events to the charity.