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One venue, three trainers

Training at Collective Equestrian is available to all levels of horse and rider. Regular private or group lessons are a great way of getting consistent help on a very personal level.

Lessons last 45 minutes.

JONNY, International Grand Prix Rider

LIZA, UKCC3 & BHSI Qualified

ALEX, UKCC3, BD Accredited Trainer & List 4 BD Judge

Jonny Clarke-West

Dressage Training

Private Training at Collective Equestrian

Jonny £45

Elizabeth £35

Alex £35

Group Training at Collective Equestrian – Max 4 people

Jonny £40 each

Elizabeth £20 each

Alex £20 each

Clinics and travel by arrangement.

Please contact Elizabeth or Alex to discuss.

Jumping Training 

Specialising in athletic jump training for the dressage horse as well as more general jumping exercises for straightness, control, and variety.

Private Training at Collective Equestrian

Jonny £45

Elizabeth £35

Group Training at Collective Equestrian – Max 3 people

Jonny £40 each

Elizabeth £30 each

Stable Management Training 

Come and join in our Stable Management groups with Liza, in either the Stage 1&2 group or the 3&4 group. Lungeing, PTT and dreaded portfolio help also available! Having passed her BHS Stable Managers exam last year and now working towards the last part of her BHS I, come and see how Liza can help you! Benefit from her 2 years spent teaching and training at the Talland School of Equitation. £20 a session. Please contact Elizabeth to discuss.

Training at Collective Equestrian Short Courses at Collective Equestrian


Whilst private and group lessons are a great way of furthering your training on a routine basis, we are also delighted to be able to recommend an intensive course. Either over a weekend or a convenient mid-week spot, these are a good opportunity not only to arrange a spot of intensive with a lesson and lecture/demo each day but also to stable at Collective Equestrian and sample the top notch food at The Pony and Trap just at the top of the fields in the evenings. Lunch and breakfast with the team are a good way to compare training notes as is time spent watching others ride. This is very much part of the ethos of the place since we really believe that the best results stem from team work and the sense of continuity that comes from training regularly and having the feedback from those around you. These courses will typically vary and so it’s best to get in touch to suss out how we can tailor your course to your training requirements prior.

Tuition fee for the course is subject to requirements. Stabling per horse is £20 per night Rider facilities such as showering, breakfast and lunch are £20 per day Hook-up £10

 To view details of our upcoming Short Courses click here.


Collective Equestrian has an advanced dressage schoolmaster horse available for a private lessons. You might need to learn how to ride a particular movement correctly, perhaps you are getting back into dressage riding or simply want a lunge lesson to improve your position, core stability and balance Holme Grove Bardot is a British bred trakehner and competed successfully up to Advanced level, as well as being part of the Junior National Training programme with Elizabeth. Bardot specialises in teaching her riders lateral work, as well as helping experienced riders get back in the saddle after a break from riding. She is wonderful on the lunge, so lunge lessons are hugely popular too. For a lesson on our schoolmaster, please add £20 to the training prices above, but ensure that you have been in touch with Elizabeth to arrange an assessment, if necessary.

Training at Collective Equestrian Short Courses at Collective Equestrian
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